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About us

We believe that a positive attitude to the world is created during the first few years of a child's life. As parents, we are responsible for making "makers" with the fundamental positive character traits.

We believe that knowledge should be for all and widely available because it is the basis of the cultural, scientific and spiritual development of every person. We believe that sharing knowledge is one of the strongest motivational drivers for people to act. We strongly believe in local communities that stimulate action and the development of their neighborhoods.

What we do

Our Goals

500 000 000 Snapshots To Be Taken
30+ Projects to be Completed
200 000 000+ Young people to work with
10+ Awards To Win

Our Team

We strive to let kids discover their real passions and inspire them by helping to not be afraid to experiment when it comes to designing, thinking, making and hacking. We love seeing them with have fun and gaining a sense of achievement.


We create an environment to let you and your kids' dreams come true. However, for us, the most important element is just try to do something, the process itself. Have you been thinking about a project but haven't had enough courage to get started? Have you been afraid that you didn't have the required knowledge or experience? Do not worry, but come to use and we will help you.

We are proud of these

Lo Fi Robot
Arduino Led
Arduino Light Sensor
Oculus VR
Oculus VR
Oculus VR
Arduino Light Sensor
Arduino Light Sensor
Arduino Light Sensor
Lo Fi Robot
Lo Fi Robot
Lo Fi Robot
Lo Fi Robot
LED Cube
Conductive dough
Conductive dough
Indians Village
Angry Birds Party
Angry Birds Party
MakeMake Hackathon
Conductive dough


04 Oct
Berlin Maker Fair EUR 39
  • We go to Berlin
  • We're gonna have a real fun
  • Collaboration with other MakerKids from Germany
25th Oct
Festiwal Bliskości PLN ~0
  • We have a pleasure to run workshop
  • We'll build dancing toy
  • Arduino
  • Joystick and paitning robot
7th November
Soldering Soldiers PLN ~20
  • Learn how to solder
  • Use eletronics parts and solder your own army

Past Events

14th Jun
How it works? PLN ~20
  • Disassemble refrigerator
  • Put thogether a computer parts
  • Why LCD beams?
  • Can vacuum eat my socks?
5th July
Master Chef PLN ~20
  • How to become Master Chef
  • Cookies out of carrot
  • Vegan food
  • Who invented pizza
29th August
Graffiti Party PLN ~20
  • Design own t-shirt with own paiting
  • Let's paint a 2m X 2m wall

Past Events

14th March 2015
We build a Lo Fi Robot PLN ~15
  • Some materials for your robot
  • CNC Laser
  • Some pizza and coca-cola
  • Nice warm place to work in
  • Some videos and pictures
11th April
We build 3x3x3 led cube PLN ~15
  • Some leds and Arduino parts
  • Soldering equipment
  • As As usual, some pizza and coca-cola
  • Nice warm place to work in
  • Some videos and pictures
17th May
We make gifts for kids' Mums PLN ~20
  • Wearables parts
  • Soldering equipment and Arduino
  • Love for mum
  • Your idea and curiosity

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We are based in Lodz (Poland), but you can contact us from anywhere in the world - you can contact us in Polish, English, German or French :).


+48 603 720 599

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